Monday, 12 July 2010

歡欣 or 歡喜

Just passed the following comment to the DDB, entry 歡喜.  Interestingly, Karashima doesn't pick this up.

歡欣 found in approx. 40 locations within the T224 also has the meaning of 'joyful'. Although the text does not discuss the bodhisattvabhumi, some differentiation is found. Chapt 23, for instance, discuses the 'joy' of those bodhistattvas new to raising the thought. It could be argued that if the first stage of the bodhisattva path was formally recognised at the time of translation, then the experience would have most likely have been transliterated rather than translated. The other key un-numbered stage in the path within the T224 is that of the Avivartin, which is transliterated.

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