Monday, 5 July 2010

Half-way through

I expected to have finished Chap 22 before the end of the evening. But, I had a DIY job to do which took up most of the evening. But still, well over half-way through it now. The biggest factor which results in the slowing down of the correction process is ambiguity. Whilst there's a lot of Later Han dynast usage in the T224, there is still an awful lot of simplification. Some parts, I guess, were prone to be more hurridly written down that other so a word or two here is omitted. To resolve the flow, its necessary to read and re-read a passage, looking for patterns and structure. Once identifies its possible to move forwards. The last one was 'entering into hell, beasts and pretas'. What is clearly alluded to are the lower three realms of the Kamadhatu, which are destiinies, hence these are entered into. Like the dharma-gate earlier on. These lead to entrance into buddhaksetra, typically envisioned as a divine palace. Am encloure, urban and civilised, with clear borders. The lower realms, on the other hand, are more like open untamed wastelands.  

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