Monday, 5 July 2010

Chapter 22 Training

Completed my synopsis for Chapter 21 and have started to revise Chapter 22 which I can see is really old too! I can't for a moment imagine how some of these rough translations got included. Mind you, at the time I had dozens of files all over the place. You know what that means, I probably deleted them!

As we approach lunchtime I've reviewed/re-written about 15% of this chapter. There are some areas which were quite unintelligible but now I've put that right. As always, I take a peek at Conze's translation from the Sanskrit. The shift in flow corresponds to his Chap. 25 also entitled 'Training'. Just like the preceeding chapter, there are clear areas of ammendments to the sanksrit text from which he worked. Also, he becomes burdened again with the term 'bhutakoti', translated by Lokaksema as '本無', 'basically has no'. Taking this to signify an 'ultimate reality' is not sound as such a meaning is not consistent with the narrative itself.

Well, I'll drink my tea and resume in a about 30mins....

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