Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Chapters 23, 24 reviewed, Chapter 25 almost done!

Wow, its almost been a month since my last post! Ok, for the better part of the first half of August we were on holiday in Egypt -lots of snorkelling around the Red Sea coral reefs. But, I have been busy since getting back home. Chapters 23/24 were pretty grim, in an extremely rough format. But, I've now taken a good look at these and feel that they are now in good shape. The English is not what one might call publication-prose but it is a good reflection of the Chinese text. Just as with Classical Chinese texts, there's little point reading works such as the Daoxing unless you already know what's written there. The use of language is spartan and there are so many instances where otherwise familiar words are used in a totally unique way.

Only a about five pages left in Chapter 25 which I should have finished by tomorrow evening or thursday by the latest.

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