Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Still not done!

Spent most of my free time today working on this chapter and still haven't finished. I've only a page and a half to rework so lets hop for completion tomorrow. I feel behind somewhat due to checking out some new software -PDF Studio. Whilst I have Acrobat it doesn't work well under wine on my Linux box. I guess that I could use a virtual desktop running XP but no. PDF Studio only cost me US$60 and works well. Its a little slower than I expected but then I'm regularly loading 800+ page bitmap documents. What I really needed it for was highlighting and commenting. So, one of the tasks that I've worked on is adding more bookmarks to Karashima's glossary.

There's one slight deficiency with PDF Studio, it doesn't like UTF-8 input. Strange. I've emailed Qoppa, the developers of PDF Studio for their comments and feedback.

Lets see what happens!

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