Sunday, 29 August 2010

Chapter 27 -DONE!

Well, started at 9am this morning and apart from lunch and a two hour walk with my family and evening tea, I've pushed on with reviewing and ironing out issues in my rendering of Chapt.27! Unlike the previous few chapters, this one varies greatly in content as compared to the extant Sanskrit and the Conze English rendering. My general observation is that the key narrative elements are pretty well the same, the differences lie in the expansion and elaboration of descriptions and attributes.

There were a couple of phrases which I needed to ponder over, indeed, I pondered over them so much that I can't remember what they are now! I'm pretty well-brain numbed. Its almost 11pm and I need to call it a day.

Chapt 28/29 I remember working on last autumn and so I expect most of this to be fine with the exception of a few minor corrections. I know that there will be some issues with the final chapter but, fortunately this is something of an epilogue and is quite brief (5 pages).

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