Friday, 27 August 2010

Chapter 26 -DONE!

Been quite successful today, revised a complete chapter. Mind, I did start a little after 9 am and its now 22:58pm! Its a hard slog. There were some interesting changes of context which weren't easy to pick-up before. Indeed, there was a couple of sentences of reported speech which I hadn't picked up before. So, Chapt.27 tomorrow. Following that the large Chaps on Sadhuprarudita and Dharmodgata should be relatively simple as I remember working on these chapters quite extensively. The final chapter will need some polishing.

Today I was looking at FineReader Pro Version 10. This will also handle Chinese OCR. That would be useful! Downloaded the trial version but it wouldn't install using wine nor would it far any better in my Windows XP laptop. Perhaps it needs a more recent service pack. I'll try it on my Windows 7 box tomorrow.

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