Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A new blog begins

Last week was my annual review at King's, and I guess that this will be the last one. I was upgraded to 'writing-up' status and have a final deadline to submit the finished thesis by September 2011. At this time of writing I've completed some 69K words and so only a chapter or two need completing and then its a matter of polishing-up and getting the final draft ready.

Getting to this stage has not been easy but now that Dr Wang has been appointed as my second supervisor I'm sure that I can make speedier progress. Prof. Yao is clearly a very busy man and clearly understands the subject matter that I'm dealing with but I'm certain that Dr Wang who shares a common interest in the Buddhist textuality will be able to engage more deeply and challenge more specifically, some of the question that I raise and the solutions that I hypothesize.

So, why Blog about this, who's going to read this? Why? Because it gives me the opportunity to express some of the tasks I'm involved in and the ideas that I'm exploring. Who? Perhaps no-one. Perhaps my supervisors will take a look once in a while just to see that something is going on out there....

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